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Inventory Control Management System with Shivit

Effective inventory management is vital for businesses, ensuring the right products are available at the right places and times. This involves tracking goods from production to sale, strategically deciding reorder times and quantities, and managing inventory across various supply chain points. Accurate, real-time inventory data is crucial for fulfilling orders promptly, reducing shipping times, and minimizing stockouts, overselling, and markdowns, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency and meeting customer demands.

From Production to Delivery: Revolutionizing Inventory Management

In today's highly competitive business landscape, companies must fine-tune their procurement methods and manage inventory levels effectively to enhance profit margins and prevent any inventory losses. It's crucial to maintain accurate controls and implement standardized procedures for the smooth flow of materials throughout the supply chain. However, without the necessary systems and information infrastructure in place, companies often struggle to execute materials planning and operations efficiently due to various limitations related to information availability and accessibility.Here's how it addresses some common problems

Top Challenges Of Purchase And Inventory Management:

No Real-time and Reliable Records

Higher Purchase Costs

Manual Material Requirement Generation

Judgment-based Purchase Orders

Unmonitored Wastage Levels

Inaccurate Stock Tracking

Ineffective Inventory Valuation

Irregular Inventory Levels Across Locations

Ineffective Manual Controls

Lack of Information on Inventory Status

No Tracking of Item Movement

Inaccurate Stock Valuation

Shivit ERP: Your Trusted Partner in Adaptive Finance Solutions

Shivit Finance helps you create and send purchase orders and bills professionally. It makes paying suppliers easier and faster. You can quickly convert sales orders into bills with just a click, after they're approved by the right people. You can even set up two levels of approval for purchase orders. With Shivit Finance, you'll stay updated on payments, supplier balances, overdue bills, and details like what items you've bought and sold. It's an easy way to manage your finances efficiently. Here's a simplified explanation of the features in Shivit ERP for managing the purchase process.

Select & Apply Bill Template:

You can choose a pre-made bill format or create your own. This helps streamline the billing process.

Purchase Order:

Easily create orders for purchases, which can be converted into bills automatically.

Two-Level Approvals:

Set up a system where purchase orders need approval from two levels of authority before the purchase department can proceed, ensuring accountability.

Bill of Material:

The system generates a bill of materials (BOM) based on the purchase order, but you can customize components as needed.


Create purchase bills directly or convert them from purchase orders. You can track payment status and view outstanding balances, with automatic updates to financial records.


Make payments against bills, specifying the mode and other details. The system updates supplier accounts and financial statements accordingly.

Debit Notes:

For purchase returns, generate debit notes to adjust financial statements automatically.

With the help of purchase module helps streamline procurement processes, reducing procurement time
  • Purchase management software simplifies the task of entering data manually.
  • Purchase order software speeds up the approval process.
  • With purchase order management software, you can easily store and retrieve information whenever needed.
  • In today's digital age, opting for a purchase order management system within your ERP software can streamline processes and expedite invoice generation.
  • Cloud-based purchase order systems save time and allow for easy budget tracking.
  • Purchase management systems automatically assign order numbers and dates.
  • Multiple items can be identified within a single purchase order.
  • Automated purchase order tracking software streamlines order cancellation and closure processes, enhancing business efficiency.
  • Purchase order processing software offers the flexibility of generating orders in multiple currencies.
  • The purchase order platform facilitates import functionality and client management.

Grow your productivity with Integrated ERP Modules

Explore A Glimpse Features of Procurement Management

Shivit Advanced Features of Procurement And Inventory Management

Barcode Or QR

Our inventory software saves your time and ensures complete safety. Manage accurate inventory of products using QR codes. Users can make inventory transactions by scanning product or item barcodes at your warehouse and get correct product information there.

Monitor Purchase

Organize all your purchase orders, vendor data, and invoices in one place with Shivit's inventory management software. You can simplify your purchase process by establishing reorder points with innovative automation options.

Easy And Fast

Our inventory management system can increase billing speed by 40% through quick searches, shortcuts, barcode scanning, and other features. Manage all your sales and purchase transactions, keep track of bills and invoices, and manage payments.

Warehouse Management

By using Shivit’s inventory software, you can efficiently manage and keep track of your stock across numerous warehouses, godowns, and retail locations, following the movement of an item and producing tailored reports.


You can obtain a rapid update and view the statuses and transactions of all your orders on a single dashboard with the help of our inventory management software. With our inventory management software, you can gain a thorough understanding of your business on a single screen, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

GST Ready

GST billing and return filing is made simpler with the help of Shivit's GST-ready inventory software. File GST returns, TCS, and TDS directly from the GST software. Conduct an internal audit to verify that all reports are error-free.

Send Bills
On WhatsApp

Use Shivit's inventory software to immediately send customers different reports and invoices, outstanding, stock and sales analysis, etc. There is no need to send it over the phone.

Purchase And Sales Claim

Reminders regarding programs and the benefits of making claims for completed purchases will be sent to you. Utilize the claims and statements feature in the Shivit Inventory Software to promptly claim all offers and systems from vendors. Multi-location Support

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If you're facing issues with managing your inventory effectively, Inventory Control and Valuation System by Shivit Technologies could be the solution you need. Our Inventory management software is simple to use and adaptable to your company's unique requirements. You can access real-time information on stock levels and sales patterns, set reorder points, and manage inventory levels across various locations. It can help streamline operations and promote your company with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge functionality.

Why choose us ?

Get accurate, up-to-date information on your inventory levels, helping you avoid stockouts and overstocking.
Historical data and comparison tools help in making informed purchasing decisions, reducing purchase costs.
Automatically generate material requirements across different lots and orders, saving time and minimizing manual errors.
Replace judgment-based purchase order quantity calculations with data-driven insights, ensuring optimal stock levels and reducing excess inventory.
Monitor and revise wastage levels effectively, minimizing unnecessary losses.
Keep track of inventory across various locations accurately, facilitating better inventory management and order fulfillment.
Implement and monitor inventory valuation techniques efficiently, ensuring accurate financial reporting.
Handle inventory irregularities in multiple storage locations seamlessly, reducing transit and transfer issues.
Strengthen manual controls to reconcile purchased and required inventory, reducing discrepancies.
Gain insights into the movement of slow and fast-moving items, optimizing inventory levels and minimizing stockouts.

ICMS - Providing The Solutions For An Efficient Materials Management And Planning

Shivit Inventory Control Management System (ICMS) is a comprehensive software designed to efficiently manage inventories and material procurement for organizations of all sizes. It handles everything from identifying material needs to generating purchase orders and tracking goods received and issued. With Shivit ICMS, you can maintain accurate, real-time records of your stock levels and valuations, organized by item and location. It seamlessly integrates with Demand Management, Order Entry, Financial Accounting, and shop-floor control systems, streamlining processes such as material requirement calculations, payable generation, and authorization for material issuances. Whether you're in manufacturing, distribution, or services, ICMS aids in creating robust production, distribution, and supply plans by providing reliable inventory records and protection against unexpected stock shortages. Additionally, it's easily compatible with other software applications, including comprehensive ERPs, for enhanced functionality.

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Standard key feautures of the ICMS (Inventory Control Management System)

Efficient supplier and inventory management

Accurate barcode tracking

Detailed item specifications and pricing

Various costing methods

Flexible inventory types

Customizable depreciation

Centralized or warehouse-specific costing

Multi-location support

Automated material requirement determination

Department-specific requisitions

Real-time stock reporting

Streamlined procurement authorization

Automated materials movement

Accounting information generation

Physical stock count processing

High-volume order handling

Optimized procurement for capital liberation

Improved inventory turnover

Effective stock control

Accurate material tracking

Workflow automation

Full goods flow control

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